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Anomal is the design + fabrication company of Damian Taylor and Chris Kiper.  We specialize in architectural design, artisan concrete, wood and metal.  We make durable, modern creations at our shop in downtown Montpelier, Vermont.  Embracing raw New England pragmatism and appreciation of value, our work is rugged and minimal, honoring function and honesty of material.  We blend urban style with rural roots.  While we each bring contrasting skills to the business, we share a love of modern architecture and backwoods engineering, a past of youthful roaming and a magnetism to the truth in art.

Damian is a hands-on designer and mad scientist of building technique - a pioneer of industrial folk-art.  With a background in residential construction, he has studied fine woodworking, metalwork, and concrete fabrication.  His passion for pushing the limits with materials and unlocking the secrets of a design shape his approach as a critical and imaginative thinker.

Chris comes from a background in facility and project management, and building trades - eventually leading to furniture and fixture design, 3D modeling and metal fabrication.  He is an organizer and a minimalist - a scrutinizing, realistic project manager and a subtractive, monastic designer.  A lifelong musician, Chris embraces the syncopated poetry of life as a way of understanding and connecting with people.

Anomal is about discovering the unique identity of our clients and matching a piece of work that sings their anomalous song.  It's about listening, imagining and creating together.