Architectural + Artisan Concrete

Concrete offers two distinct advantages over stone:  versatility and human touch.  While it's typically in the same ballpark for price, concrete can be manipulated to take on almost any shape imaginable.  Each piece is uniquely shaped by pouring, spraying and hand sculpting the wet media, then polished by hand with diamond studded grinding wheels.  We build concrete counter tops that seamlessly return to the floor like a waterfall, sinks with integral drain boards, gigantic four-legged planters, and beautiful rugged floors.  We work with traditional "wet cast" concrete as well as it's lighter relative GFRC - Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete - which can be as thin as half an inch in certain applications and retain incredible strength.  Concrete installations can be fabricated to portray diverse appearances - the common gray, colored with a pigment dye, or loaded with intriguing aggregate like glass, stone and white or black sand - then polished to reveal their captivating cross-sections.  A simple, versatile material, concrete can add texture, elegance and a gentle mass to an interior or exterior project.


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