Planning + Design

It has been proven for ages:  good planning and good design will yield a better outcome.  We offer architectural planning and design services for small and medium sized projects - a restaurant interior, a home remodel, a retail shop makeover - any residential or commercial build-out.  Our approach to any project is to listen keenly to our clients desires and overlay our design guidance addressing opportunities and honest concerns.  As designers we consider these essential questions: 

  • Functionality:  What does this design need to do?  How will people use it?
  • Form:  What is the simplest form for this structure?  If we add complexity to this, then why?
  • Material:  What materials are appropriate for the setting and the functionality?
  • Time:  How will this design age?  Will it be useful and attractive in the future?

Our designs are communicated through 2D drawings and 3D models using Trimble SketchupPro software.  We are happy to work with files from architects, designers and builders on a project team or produce our own.

When a design consensus is reached, we outline the project objectives, timeline, budget, assumptions and challenges, and arrive at a plan that is both reasonable and aggressive to complete the project within the given parameters.  Forethought at the beginning of a project will always save money, reduce stress and help keep a project on schedule.  

We are thorough planners and discriminate designers - but the best part of working with Anomal is that we're down-to-earth human beings.  We love ideas, we love people, and we love seeing things come together.


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